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Ancient Persia : a concise history of the Achaemenid Empire, 550-330 BCE / Matt Waters,...

Auteur principal: Waters, Matthew William Langue: anglais.Pays: EtatsUnis.Editeur: New York (NY) : Cambridge University Press, 2014, cop. 2014Description: 1 vol. (XX-252 p.) ; 23 cmISBN: 978-1-107-00960-8 ; 1-10-700960-X ; 978-0-521-25369-7 ; 0-521-25369-1. Localiser ce document dans le SUDOC Bibliographie: Bibliogr. p. 226-229. Index.Sujet - Famille: Achéménides dynastie | Achaemenid dynasty | Achaemenid dynasty Sujet - Nom géographique: Iran -- 550-330 av. J.-C. (Achéménides) | Iran -- Civilisation -- Jusqu'à 651 | Iran (Altertum)

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Bibliogr. p. 226-229. Index

I. Introduction: Tracking an empire The physical environment Why "Achaemenid"? Sources 2. Forerunners of the Achaemenids: the first half of the first millennium BCE Iranians into Iran Elam Assyria Babylonia Anatolian kingdoms The Medes 3. Persia rising: a new empire Cyrus I in an Elamite-Persian milieu The fall of Assyria and its aftermath Cyrus' conquest of the Medes Cyrus' conquest of Lydia and Ionia Cyrus in Eastern Iran and Central Asia Cyrus' conquest of Babylonia Images of Cyrus Cyrus in the Greek traditions Back to Anshan 4. From Cyrus to Darius I: empire in transition Death of Cyrus King Cambyses Cambyses' invasion of Egypt The death of Cambyses and the crisis of 522 BCE The Bisitun inscription of Darius I Herodotus' version of Darius' accession (3.61-88) Comparisons Fission or fusion? Appendix: Darius' war for the succession 5. Darius, the great king Darius triumphant, Bisitun revisited Consolidation and expansion The Scythian-Danube expedition Darius and the Aegean periphery The Ionian revolt Darius' second Aegean campaign and the Battle of Marathon 6. Mechanics of empire Kings, queens, and the Royal Court Administration of the empire Tribute to the king and coins Satraps and provincial personnel The Persepolis tablets: Persian administration, economy, and stratification The Persian army Communication networks: the royal road 7. Xerxes, the expander of the realm The death of Darius and the accession of Xerxes Xerxes' royal inscriptions Xerxes and the invasion of Greece: sources and problems Medism Earth and water The invasion of Greece The Aegean front and the Athenian problem 8. Anatomy of empire Royal capitals Achaemenid royal ideology Achaemenid religion 9. Empire at large: from the death of Xerxes to Darius II Palace intrigue and the assassination of Xerxes Reign of Artaxerxes I Ezra and Nehemiah: discontent in the Levant Revisiting the northwestern front: Persian-Greek interchange From Artaxerxes I to Darius II The Murashu archive: land management practices in Achaemenid Babylonia Excursus: Achaemenid throne names Darius II and dynastic continuity Opportunity on the northwestern front 10. Maintaining empire: Artaxerxes II and Artaxerxes III The death of Darius II and the accession of Artaxerxes II The war between the brothers Aftermath of the rebellion Royal inscriptions of Artaxerxes II Persia triumphant: the northwestern front Cyprus and the Egyptian problem Egypt in revolt and the Arshama archive Revolts in Anatolia From Artaxerxes II to Artaxerxes III: another succession crisis Inscriptions and reign of Artaxerxes III 11. Twilight of the Achaemenids The death of Artaxerxes III, reign of Artaxerxes IV, and accession of Darius III Macedon rising Sources and problems The invasion begins: battles of Granicus (May 334 BCE) and Issus (November 333 BCE) and Alexander's operations in Asia Minor The loss of Egypt, the battle of Gaugamela, and the surrender of Babylon and Susa (332-331 BCE) ; The defense of Parsa Epilogue Appendixes : A. Timeline App. B: Chronological chart of Achaemenid Persian kings Appp. C. Lineages of the Achaemenid royal family App. D. Further readings

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